1250 x 900

After having a lengthy discussion with a science lecturer friend of mine about the evolution of man and man in general, I did this painting.

I have always had an interest in rock art and I have visited two sites to observe Bushman drawings. What I find very interesting is that rock art was not intended to be decorative, it was about documenting or just sharing an event with others. The event or hunt most probably meant so much that the artist was inspired to depict in on the wall. What is most interesting is that what he wanted to say through his art was far more important to how it was said. Surely he could draw a buck much more realistic but why. How art have changed!

When I did this painting I was thinking, what if life on earth were destroyed by some lunatic who pressed the wrong button. If some years later extraterrestrials visits earth what will they find in the caves from our generation, most probably scientific formulas. Then the baboons will be the first to emerge and the evolution process will start again or maybe not?