860 X 1040

It is very noticeable how most people steer away from abstract works. All paintings initially confronts the viewer and if the work appeals to you the communication will start between you and the artwork. In some cases the communication can grow to such an extent that the viewer cannot live without it. This happens on a sub-conscious level.

Doing an abstract work is basically doodling on a higher level. It is a creative process where the artist is being led by what happens on the canvas. It is an ongoing process between the conscious (cognitive) and the sub-conscious. The conscious is the control freak and battles with the source of inspiration, the muse. In the process the artist is nothing but an instrument. Therefore no artist doing true abstract art can ever explain “his” artwork.

I added Table Mountain simply as an attraction… my contribution.

This painting is in the Art Curator Gallery, Lourensford Wine Estate, Somerset West. (tel. 021 846 0086